Owners Jeff & Linda Furst


AARP said we could become millionaire’s if we started a business in our 50’s.   Well, we’re in our 50’s, so we started Flying Pig Provisions.  We’re doing our part so now it’s up to you. Operators are standing by.

Another reason we opened Flying Pig Provisions is because we love our town, and we wanted to be more a part of it, invest in it, throw our lot in with others who are doing the same.  It’s a great group.  Come visit.  We’ll introduce you around.

Our business plan is simple:   Okay, we don’t have a business plan.  But if we did, it would be simple.  Something that has to do with success, reaching for the stars, climbing every mountain, being the best you can be, and never quitting.  

But all cliche's aside, we like to see people smile.   So what we do is go out and try to find stuff that makes us smile and bring it to the store.  We figure, “Hey, we’re pretty cool people and this made us feel good, maybe it’ll make others feel good, too”.   So there you go, the Flying Pig Provisions Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Business Plan all rolled into one word:  Smile.

One other thing, when you come visit the store you can come stay with us at our house.  Let WalMart and Target try to compete with that!  We rent three different bedrooms on AirBnB in our home which is just a few blocks from the store.   The Red, Blue and Green rooms.   Check them out at AirBnB.com.  Plus, we provide a free shuttle from the house to the store and back.  Well, it’s not so much of a shuttle as it is us letting you use our kid’s bikes.

At any rate, visit and help us make our AARP dream come true!

Linda & Jeff



We love local, so we buy local.
We also love smiles, but those are free.



What's in a Name? 

The humble beginnings of Flying Pig Provisions

Flying pigs are kind of a thing with Linda. Years ago she bought a flying pig yard ornament for a friend, temporarily sitting it on her front steps.  She kept the iconic pig (the model for our logo). Stop by sometime and we'll show you.


Linda was single at the time and one evening she had a particular suitor make a romantic proposition to her on those very front steps. In that moment, Linda glanced down at the yard ornament and knew her answer was not a simple, "No" but, "When pigs fly!"
Linda told the story to a few friends and that was it; the die was cast. She’s been receiving flying pig jewelry, yard and Christmas ornaments, table decorations, cards, etc., ever since.